1. Ranking ability:

The first thing everyone knows about is the connections that help to rank you. They allow you to put yourself in many, many ways. You can get ranks higher. More keywords can be targeted but most importantly, you can attack more successful keywords. If we’re trying to see if we can rate a keyword, just search it, check the Page Authority, which is a very similar metric, of all the top-ranked sites, see what your Page Authority is for your top-ranked keywords, and you might have a pretty good idea if you can rank that keyword.

2. Crawl budget:

But then we get into the nitty-gritty, the other advantages of having the connect equity, one of the most significant being the budget for the crawl. Google can crawl more of your pages if you have more link equity. If you only have a couple of links on your website and a million pages, it’s going to be very difficult to get Google to search and index all those million pages. If you’re an eBay or Amazon or Google or a domain like a 100 Domain Authority, yes, you might be able to attract Google to search those millions of pages around.

3. Indexation speed:

Google is going to crawl them faster, too. You may get Google to crawl your low Domain Authority pages, but it’ll take Google a while to visit those again. So we get into the concept of velocity indexation. Google can crawl and index your content with a higher Domain Authority usually much quicker than they would without it. So if you’ve got a website you’ve recently updated, you’ll see Google update it earlier, the more authority the page has. You’ll see this in the SERPs too. If you have obsolete title tags or meta descriptions, use the Upload URL tool to allow Google to crawl them. But generally speaking, the more authority a page has, the more incoming connecting capacity, the sooner you’ll see those stuff updated than you would with low connection equity.

4. More powerful links:

That’s my favorite. Through increased link equity, your own ties are becoming more powerful and this gives you tremendous ranking power because your internal links, which you connect to yourself, are becoming more powerful with that link equity. So, it makes rating anything simpler. Linking to yourself is the best link building you can make when you have high authority, and it is so simple. But also the ties you share with other people also become more important, making you an attractive target.

5. Insulation from bad links:

You’re safer from a handful of bad ties, with great connection equity. Now if you have low connection equity and you are getting a bunch of spam links to your site, the chance of being penalized or influenced by negative SEO increases very high. But if you’ve got a million ties, a couple of poor connections just won’t hurt you. A good way to think about this is averaged, because anyone can, of course, be penalized. Anyone can be suffering from the consequences of bad relations. But if those bad links make up only a small portion, which means a small ratio, then you’re somewhat isolated by the effect of those bad links.

6. Less over-optimization:

Google also says they don’t get a penalty for over-optimization. Yet anecdotally, many SEOs recognize that it is very possible to over-optimize keywords with exact match anchor text and not rank if you’re a small site, just starting out. Typically the key: You want a lot of variety in SEO. With a lot of connections, this variety is much easier to get, and you have much less chance of over-optimization when communicating for exact match anchor text internally. For higher Domain Authority you can get away with much more than with lower Domain Authority. That’s kind of the secret to all of this. You only get away with a lot more with higher Domain Authority.

7. The flywheel effect:

It all gets simpler when you have more connections. When you start ranking and people start to see you in the SERPs, you’ll get more links from that content and more links will be equivalent to more rankings and the wheel will just keep turning and turning. Many people want you to be connected and strengthened and collaborate with you. You will also get a lot of requests for spam, connection requests, and stuff like that, so it’s not fun. Yet, generally speaking, the more Domain Authority you have, the more PageRank you have, the easier life will come and you just want to start building it day after day.

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