Web Development

Web development is transforming a web design into a live website. Developers use various software and web languages to develop the functionality of websites. Front-end developers build the user interface as the interlink between the user and the back-end of the website. They normally use web languages HTML, JavaScript, or CSS to build a full-fledged website. Front-end web development includes designing the layout, implementing various typographies and fonts, inserting images and animations, applying the flow of pages, and more. Back-end development is the management of server data and requests. Generally, if a website contains dynamic data, it requires back-end services. It means, if a website needs to save some data and retrieve it at a later point, it will require a database connection via a direct connection with the server. A back-end developer uses several server languages, including PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, MySQL, etc. Both front-end and back-end developers use various software tools to code and create the website structure.

A Content Management System (CMS) helps to manage the content of a website with minimum or no knowledge of coding. At Green Reef, a leading CMS web development company in Mumbai & Kolkata, we work with several open-source CMSs to manage web pages and edit their content.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the most popular alternative to build lightweight websites that are easy to manage, within a short period. WordPress has a wide range of themes and plugins. It will allow you to have full control over your website and manage its text, multimedia, images, or any kind of content with much ease. Depending on your requirements, we can develop WordPress websites for you, that will seamlessly work across various browsers and devices. We can integrate an eCommerce site on your website with the necessary features and plugins. Our expert web developers can utilize the latest WordPress technologies to create appealing and optimized feature-rich themes tailored for your specific needs. You will also get several other additional customized features on your websites, such as form builder, live chat, security, payment gateway, and many more.

Shopify Development

Shopify is a fully hosted and unified eCommerce platform. Web development with Shopify will enable you to access more than 100 themes and 2000+ applications for shipping, marketing, social media, accounting, customer service, and other functions. With our Shopify services for web development in Mumbai & Kolkata, we have catered to a wide range of clientele and provided them customised online stores. You too can leverage our Shopify development solutions for numerous features, including quick adding of new sales channels, unlimited product management, sales tracking, and so on. We can bespeak Shopify Development according to your marketing goals and branding needs. With thousands of built-in features, Shopify integration will provide a seamless shopping experience to your users, turning them into repeat customers. You will be able to manage your eCommerce store with minimum technical knowledge. The platform offers an array of facilities, including easy check-out, PayPal gateway, credit card, Custom Gift Cards, Social Media Buttons, Coupon Generators, Product Reviews, Discount Codes, and other integrations.

As the top website developers in Mumbai & Kolkata, we take pride to extend our round-the-clock website Maintenance, thorough performance Testing, and API integrations of third-party applications, like Google Analytics, to enhance the functionalities of your valuable business website.

Laravel Development

With over a decade of experience in developing applications using Laravel, GreenReef has become one of the most trusted providers of Laravel development services. Our expert Laravel developers will help you produce web and mobile applications that are both creative and professional. From simple apps to complex CMS for eCommerce websites, we can create them quickly and without spending a lot of money.

Codeigniter Developmen

CodeIgniter has become synonymous with “trend”. Open-source solutions have undoubtedly benefited from the increased popularity of this development framework. The MVC framework is the best choice for businesses looking to build a highly functional, dynamic website for their corporation. In addition to being a development-friendly platform, it also offers users an interactive interface and easy-to-use tools.

CRM Development:

Create a platform-based CRM system that helps businesses transform their business processes Automated process solutions Automates the regular tasks for various business processes such as sales, marketing, and customer service. Create a customized CRM Our company offers hassle-free CRM installations, which enable you to access client information anytime, anywhere, so you’re always in touch with your customers.

Core PHP Development

PHP is one of the oldest programming languages for setting up a website. Your website development can be enhanced with a comprehensive suite of features by integrating PHP.

Greenreef provides you with customized PHP application development services in India. Our PHP developers and programmers are highly experienced and skilled in developing web and mobile applications for your business. By using innovative technologies, proven strategies, and advanced infrastructure, we use PHP software in the best possible way.

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