First time venturing into launching a website for your business is undoubtedly a stressful experience. Due diligence is advised in choosing a web development partner for your project.

This one decision will have a long reaching effect on your business and digital marketing. The value of a professional website development company cannot be gauged by only searching ‘’website development’’ on Google.

You need to keep in mind the below mentioned 5 determining factors while choosing a Professional Website Development Company in India.

Type of Website:

Before zeroing on to a website developer company, you need to consider the type of website you are going to need. If it is going to be an ecommerce site, for instance, your web development provider should have the necessary expertise to manage the various logistical issues that will be involved in the process.

They should provide a scalable solution and eliminate the glitches that will crop up along the way. On the other hand, if your company site primarily focuses on building brand awareness and conversion, variables such as content management system, hosting, etc., offered by the service provider should be taken into account.


When you hire a web developing organisation, you are entering into a long-term partnership, provided you are satisfied with their service. Moving your website from one service provider to another is an expensive and time-consuming affair.

Therefore, before selecting a development service, try to get to know them in person. While quality and cost are important, so are business ethics and compatibility. Find out their work culture and values before committing, because credibility, and trust are vital in the long haul.

On-going Support:

A website should never remain static. As you continue your digital business, you will keep on needing assistance and technical support. It can be a minor change in the font or regular maintenance and monitoring.

Every Professional Website Development Company in India, will provide some kind of on-going technical assistance, however, it is imperative to know beforehand, certain factors, like the level of support, turnaround time, and point of contacts, responsible for such tasks.

Ideally, a web development service provider should be offering support to regularly modify content, add pages, fix bugs, and so on.


Weigh in all the expenses involved from development to customization, covering hosting, and support. As a business owner you should have the flexibility to run a pricing between fixed to hourly.

All the ongoing charges should be laid out by the web developer agency, before signing up a contract. There are quite a few Low Cost Website Development Services in India available and you should do your research before sealing the deal.

Social Media Marketing:

Your web developer company should have ample knowhow on how social media operates and how can various social media platforms be leveraged to optimize your business website.

An effective website should capture leads, build favourable brand image, and most importantly convert online visitors into consumers with the help of social media marketing strategies.