Website Design

Web designing is the initial phase of building a website from scratch. For a website to be responsive, engaging, and easy to navigate, strategic designing has to be implemented in this early stage. Proficient web designers do the primary task of transforming a concept into a visually appealing layout. This design or layout governs how the website will look or feel to users. In this designing process, expert web designers intricate the best possible user experience. They create a functional interface that grabs attention and helps users to access the online portal with ease. Without an interactive interface and enhanced user experience, a website will fail to attract online traffic and drive engagement. In Green Reef, the best website designing company in Mumbai & Kolkata, our in-house designers offer end-to-end website designing services, from identifying the scope or the main focus of the business website to sketches, all the way to mock-ups, wireframes, and ultimately the final design. The best designs include pixel-perfect layouts for each web page, typography, text, icons, and other CTA features.

Web Designing Services

Check out our web designing services and choose the one that is most aligned with your business requirements. Feel free to get in touch for any kind of assistance or cost estimation.

E-Commerce Website Design

With our e-commerce designing services, get an optimised online store that will deliver a smooth shopping experience to your customers, that will be at par with any physical store. As the business owner, you will get a robust management environment, including advanced data security, integrated payment gateway, shipping APIs, inventory tracking, and many more features. We can provide programming tailored to your specific requirements and policies. You can also select a popular CMS framework, like Shopify or WordPress for your e-commerce design. An array of features, like swift check-out, order tracking, streamlined searching, inventory management, analytics, tax integration, and much more rightfully make us the leading eCommerce development company in Mumbai & Kolkata.

Corporate Website Design

As a professional website designing company in Mumbai & Kolkata, we have extensive experience under our belt, in website designing for large-scale corporates. We realize an enterprise web portal must be informative and reflect the business value, work culture, and accomplishments of the organization. Moreover, it has to deliver on all the vital touchpoints, namely accessibility, engagement, interactive interface, security, and others. Our skilled web designers get the job done with the help of multiple service key points, such as extensive research on the scope of work, technical know-how, open communication with clients throughout the project lifecycle, an eye for the details, and more. We offer innovative and high-end website designs for large enterprises that represent their professionalism and achievements, within the minimum possible turnaround timeline.

Small Business Website

A proper business website is a necessity for every SMB house. In today’s competitive market, only an impressive website can give your business an edge over others. Let’s face it, nowadays if a potential customer does not find a business on the internet, he or she will quickly dismiss it as substandard and move on to a competitor. You have to have a decent website and you have to have it now, in the very beginning. A website is essential to create favourable brand awareness, generate leads, and even carry out business transactions, otherwise, your start-up will not stand out from the rest. We can offer the most affordable all-around digital solutions for your small business. Our services include researching your niche, challenges, competition, opportunities, and crafting either a Single Page Application or an optimized full-fledged business website, that will increase your conversion rate in more ways than you can imagine.

Web Portal Design

Our designing experts create responsive web portals on multiple platforms. These online portals attract user attention through their appealing layouts and enhance engagement through interactive and frictionless user experiences. With our user-focused approach, we create intuitive business applications keeping in mind your business objectives. Our web applications have robust infrastructure and provide an omnichannel user experience on cross-devices. We optimize our digital portals with rich features that result in amplifying your brand awareness and brand recognition.

As the top website designer in Mumbai & Kolkata, our web designing company incorporates the simplest possible approach for required actions, in the overall format, for enhanced user experience. Our designers are always aware of the latest web designing trends and create interfaces that are popular and in demand. While designing, we keep in mind the overall branding requirements of our clients, including the typography, logo, colour palettes, etc. With our custom yet rich web designing services, your website infrastructure will be easy to navigate and familiar to the eyes of your users.

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