Digital Marketing

Green Reef, the most trusted digital marketing agency in Mumbai & Kolkata, brings to you the most cost-effective online marketing and outreach strategies for your custom branding needs. We have in our arsenal, the most proven and effective marketing tools that will boost your ranking on the Search Engine pages, promote your business through diverse digital triggers, and capture more leads. Our full-suite digital marketing solution specialises in SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. Read to know more!

Search Engine Optimization

The number of internet users is steadily rising and it will do so in the future. With our growing dependency on the digital ways of life, the online presence of your business is imperative. But you are not alone in this race. Every other business out there is trying to steal your thunder. In such a situation you need a robust online marketing strategy that will make your virtual presence more easily found in the labyrinth of the internet. Most people use Google to search for their required service provider, whether it is a café or a florist, a restaurant, or a salon. Google can be your ally and suggest your business to those thousands of potential customers. But how? As the best digital marketing company in Mumbai & Kolkata, we know how! Through strategic content management, optimization, and effective back-linking, we will make your web portal meet the set standards of the current Google algorithms. By leveraging Google Analytics, we will ensure your website gets a high ranking in the Google Search pages. This way, only interested buyers as organic traffic will be driven to your website resulting in higher conversion and better promotion.

Social Media Marketing & Promotion

You most probably know the great importance Social Media holds in today’s business world. But do you know how you can make use of various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your business and create a favourable awareness for your brand? Do you know hashtag, PPC, or filtering techniques can get you quality traffic within your budget? Thankfully, we do! Otherwise, we couldn’t have become the top digital marketing agency in Mumbai & Kolkata. Green Reef offers an integrated and comprehensive Social Media Marketing & Promotional Service that will develop and strategically place your content on various social media platforms and create a buzz about your business. With our location-specific paid campaigns, and innovative content management in the form of text, videos, images, etc., we will help you gain attention and meet your sales goals.

Search Engine Marketing

With our SEM solutions, your business will get leads more quickly. If you are launching a new product or service, you will want to reach out to the maximum number of users within the minimum possible timeline. Our SEM services can assist your offerings to get across to a wide range of audiences and generate instant leads. We do this by optimizing several paid ads, including Google Search Ads, Bing Ads, Display & Shopping Ads, etc. Our SEM tools work in harmony with the SEO service and guarantees high and quick ROIs for your business.

E-Mail Marketing

Our E-Mail marketing services exceed generic mass marketing triggers. We design creative and engaging e-mail content, optimized with analytics that will compel readers to visit your business links. Moreover, our comprehensive approach will give you detailed and analytical reports on the various metrics, such as engagement time, open-click ratio, and more. You will reach out to a large number of audience and stay on top of your game by getting complete visibility on who clicked your link, who opened your link, and how much time they spent.

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